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Children of different ages and genders play and use the ComfyDo! potty happily in the playground

Questions and Answers

How do you use a potty?

When the children need to use the bathroom, take the potty out of the bag, take the cardboard seat out of the package, assemble according to the instructions, spread a bag over the seat and the children can relieve themselves comfortably, privately and with good hygiene, anywhere and anytime.
When finished, throw the full bag in the nearest bin, fold the cardboard seat and put it back in the packaging and continue on your way.

You can have fun and leave the area clean!

Can the pot be used more than once?

for sure. The single-use pot packaging has one reusable cardboard seat and 4 disposable bags.

When you finish using the bags included in the package, you can continue to use the seat with additional bags from any source -  Reuse shopping bags from the supermarket/use garbage bags, or for your convenience, throw the cardboard seat into the recycling bin at the end of the trip.

Is a potty suitable for use by my children?

Searlecht was designed for comfortable, hygienic and fun use for children up to the age of 6 weighing up to 25 kg. It is especially suitable for use in the process of weaning from diapers.
warning: The pot is not a game. Plastic bags can cause suffocation, and should be kept away from small children. Assembly and use under the continuous supervision of an adult only.

Is a go pot environmentally friendly?

How does potty help weaning from diapers?

A cult pot was designed with the minimization of harm to the environment in mind - the pot is packed in a small case, efficient and economical for transportation, and the thin cardboard sheet turns with easy and quick movement into a strong and large three-dimensional structure with an intelligent and minimal use of material, 
The pot is made of non-toxic and recyclable materials and paints, the seat is made of cardboard, which is a biodegradable material and can be used multiple times, and only the disposable bags are thrown in the trash, as they allow the environment to be kept clean. In addition, you can make beneficial and repeated use of any bag found at home.

With potty, the children can continue the weaning process even outside the home.

When you are on vacation, on a trip, at the playground or traveling by car, a potty folded in a bag is the convenient and appropriate solution.

There is no need to deal with dirty toilets or walk around with a huge pot, the pot is opened quickly and easily and the children can do it comfortably, anywhere and in no time.

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