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A girl sits comfortably and privately on an open ComfyDo! potty in the playground
pot to go

Collapsible and biodegradable toilet pot (reusable) for use by children outside the home. 

 ​  Properties:

  • Folded small and thin, can be taken in any bag.

  • Opens easily and quickly into a large and strong seat.

  • Comfortable, hygienic and useful for children up to the age of 6, up to a weight of 25 kg.

  • Especially suitable for the period of weaning from diapers.

   Go pot kit includes:

  • 1 foldable cardboard seat for multiple use.

  • 4 disposable bags.*

* When the bags in the kit run out, you can continue to use the cardboard seat with any regular bag - make a useful reuse of plastic bags from the supermarket or use garbage bags from the kitchen. No need to buy special and expensive bags.

A cult pot is manufactured and sold in a variety of colorful and popular unisex designs suitable for boys and girls. 

The product is sold in Israel under the brand "pot to go" and abroad under the brand"!ComfyDo", both trade names belonging to Tea and Lemon Ltd.

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