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User manual

Pot on the go, foldable and biodegradable and can be taken in any bag. Opens easily and quickly when the children need to go to the toilet outside the house.

For quick and safe assembly, watch the video and follow the next steps.


Remove the folded seat from the packaging

Spread the seat lengthwise


Fold across to get a three-dimensional crescent

Overlap outer wigs - the one with the lock on top of the one with the hole


Get a 3D body with 5 sides

Thread the lock into the hole


 Take a bag out of the packaging


ToAfter use, throw the closed bag in the nearest bin, fold the cardboard seat, put it back in the bag and continue on your way!

pay attention!    

The pot and bags are not a toy, adult supervision is required.
Place the pot on a flat, dry surface, and check for stability before use.

To prevent the risk of suffocation, keep the bags away from children and babies when the pot is not in use.
and always Supervise your child when the potty and bag are in use.

Put the bag on the seat


 Place the pot on a flat, dry surface and check
which is stable

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